New Counselling Page

The ISD counselling team is an important part of the Pastoral Care system we have in place to support our students and families.

In the elementary school, counselling is designed to promote the educational, emotional, and social welfare of each student. The counsellors meet with students in the classroom setting, in small groups and individually. Our counsellors also work closely with parents, faculty and administration.

We are giving our children the opportunity to explore and work on common concerns such as making and keeping friends, and transitions. Emphasis is placed on the continued development of social skills such as cooperation, respect and responsibility.

At ISD, we pride ourselves in giving special attention and support to all new students to aid in their transition and integration into the school community.

In the Senior School, our counselling team respond to the direct, immediate concerns of students usually necessitated by life events or situations and conditions in the students’ lives. These needs require, but are not limited to, individual counselling, crisis counselling, referrals or consultations with parents or guardians, teachers,  other in-school specialists and/or outside therapeutic support. Some typical issues school counsellors help students to handle include: friendships and peer relationships; stress management; time management and organisation; bullying; self-esteem; social development; family issues; substance use and misuse; behavioural issues; conflict management; bereavement and grief; problem-solving and responsible decision-making.