We believe great teachers inspire every student to discover joy in their learning experiences. Great teachers are compassionate, nurturing, and creative. Great teachers are committed to expanding their own expertise, in order to unleash every student’s unique potential. These are the qualities we look for above all others, as we continue to build our team for the future.

As an IB flagship school in Europe, ISD is highly regarded by the international teaching community and is therefore an attractive employment prospect.

Above all, ISD is a place where everyone works together in a spirit of generosity. That very important ethos of community is at the heart of everything we do.



Starting well and staying well is important to us. Our HR team provides practical support during the relocation to and from Germany, as well as throughout the duration of your stay with us. On arrival you'll be paired with a buddy who will bring you a welcome pack, and help you settle into ISD and life in Düsseldorf. Our weekly Friday social in Kaiserswerth is a great opportunity to wind down at the end of the school week, and to get to know colleagues from different departments and campuses. The workout room in the Senior School gym is open to faculty and staff throughout the year, and a range of community fitness and sports programmes are available for both parents and staff to join. In addition, a free workout app is offered to staff via an all-school subscription. Members of our Sunshine Fund receive a little ray of sunshine in times of illness or loss, special gifts to celebrate major life events, as well as small surprises in their mailboxes throughout the year. ISD medical staff are also available to all employees for advice and guidance, and free flu vaccinations are available each year. In addition, we provide child care for staff children during professional development days, give compassionate leave in times of need, and make sure there is always a range of hot drinks in the staff lounges!


At ISD we place strong emphasis on faculty and staff professional development. There are opportunities throughout the year for everyone to participate in workshops, expand knowledge and skills, or connect with thought leaders in the world of education. Moreover, all faculty and administrative office staff have access to an annual, individual professional development allowance. Our teachers have used this, for example, to access skill-based training, attend seminars, or gain new qualifications.


ISD's faculty and staff come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. Ours is a community that celebrates diverse cultures, traditions, beliefs, and faiths. Employees can therefore expect an environment in which every individual - regardless of their background or personal characteristics - is treated with dignity, kindness, and respect.


Outside of the school, there is plenty to love about recreational life in Düsseldorf. Home to many large, international companies, Düsseldorf has a vibrant international community, and lively arts and culture scene. Each year in February, the city is alive with colour and extravagance as residents take to the streets to celebrate the tradition of Carnival - even at ISD's campuses, we see staff, faculty and students showing off their brilliant and quirky costumes!

While many of our families prefer to live close to the school, which is located in the peaceful, historic neighbourhood of Kaiserswerth, the Düsseldorf Old Town (Altstadt) is only 20 minutes by tram. ISD is conveniently situated adjacent to the U79 line, which means the school can be accessed easily using public transport.


Work at ISD : quote 4

My colleagues at ISD are a true family whom I love dearly. I’m grateful for the supportive environment where I get to balance my role as a mother with my calling as a teacher.

Claire S
Senior School

Work at ISD : quote 3

I’m proud to work in a school that’s at the forefront of educational innovation. In my current role, I get to connect and co-teach with other teachers across the school, and stay on top of best practice, research, and pedagogy.

David L
Elementary School

Work at ISD : quote 2

Working at ISD I get to learn from people from all over the world - not just teachers, but students too. Students are amazing teachers about their own cultures and experiences, and every student I meet has something to teach me.

Lauren G
Elementary School

Work at ISD : quote 1

I have never considered my time at ISD as ‘work’. I’ve always felt privileged to be able to pursue my profession in this wonderful environment.

Barry O
Senior School