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Dear visitor, 

A warm welcome to you from the ISD Admissions team! Thank you for visiting us online.  

We would also love to welcome you here in person; if you would like to schedule a personal visit, we are only a phone call or an email away. Of course, we can also organise a virtual meeting if you prefer. Please find our contact details below or apply online here .

As a tried and true international school, we are attuned to both expatriate and local families, with their different educational expectations and dreams. Every child is unique and deserves our attention and care on his or her learning path, and every family deserves to find knowledgeable and warm support within the ISD community.

So please enjoy our website with your children, and do not hesitate to contact us.


Christine Proctor

Admissions Manager                                      


+49 (0)211 9406 800                               


Helga Becker

Admissions and External Relations Officer


+49 (0)211 9406 735


Beatrice Caston                              

Director of Admissions, Alumni and External Relations                                      


+49 (0)211 9406 712