We invite you to take a peek into our elementary school, grade by grade, to see the kinds of learning that take place at ISD.  

A glimpse into Reception

Our approach to learning in the early years of the PYP centres around play. Play is essential for young children’s physical, social, and emotional wellbeing; it helps them to build knowledge of their environment, to develop social competencies, and to foster curiosity and imagination.

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A glimpse into Prep

The Prep year is a time of change, as children make the transition from pre-school to elementary school. Through diverse learning experiences, prep students develop their sense of personal responsibility and autonomy, which provide an important foundation for the rest of their education. Importantly, they are given rich opportunities to grow into passionate learners.

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A glimpse into Grade 1

What secrets lie behind the magic fairy doors in the garden? How will we protect the three little pigs from the big, bad wolf? And will we ever find the answer to the mystery of the missing porridge?

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A glimpse into Grade 2

From gravity glue installations on the banks of the Rhine, to fashioning ‘Beyblades’ from natural materials, to mastering mathematical operations through lively games and activities, the grade 2 experience is ripe with opportunities to discover passions, extend knowledge, and make a difference.

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A glimpse into Grade 3

In grade 3 at ISD, units of inquiry are designed to inspire wonder and imagination, to provoke curiosity and awaken creativity. Students benefit from a dynamic and flexible learning environment, as well as the support and expertise of a diverse co-teaching team.

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A glimpse into Grade 4

Grade 4 is a big year academically, socially, and emotionally for children. ISD students enjoy a safe, fun, and energetic community environment in which to explore and discover themselves as learners and as people.

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A glimpse into Grade 5

In the grade 5 learning community, students and teachers work collaboratively in a purpose-built, flexible learning environment. Through collaborative planning, instruction and assessment, all teachers facilitate the learning of all students. 

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