Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of seven elected and two standing ex-officio members. The elected members are parents and members of the school association. The two ex-officio members are the director of the school and the representative of the Consul General of the USA.


Mr Andreas Collor


Mrs Danielle Coll

Mr Ralf Heine

Mrs Tammy Jones Finch

Mr Michael Koch

Mrs Berit Zalbertus

Mrs Mara Zavagno

Ex-officio Members

Mr Frank Tschan – Director

Mr. Kiminori Iwama – Consul General of Japan

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team at ISD consists of the 10 members of the senior management. The team meets regularly to provide direction for the day-to-day operation, the continued development of ISD and to ensure that learning is at the centre of long-term strategic and operational planning.

Mr Frank Tschan

Senior School Principal
Mr Colin Campbell

Elementary School Principal
Mr Stephen Barratt

Director of Curriculum Innovation and Technology
Mrs Amy Dugré

Admissions and External Relations Director
Mrs Beatrice Caston

Facilities Manager
Mr Wolfgang Geuecke

Finance and Administration Director
Mr Matthias Pucklitzsch

Sports and After-School Activities Director, Sportverein Manager
Mr James Cochran

Human Resources Manager
Ms Marie Willis