Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Student Support Services


Our mission statement commits us to “work together to challenge and support our students to be successful and responsible in an evolving world”.

As we strongly believe that students learn best when they are happy and secure, we have a comprehensive network of support for them: all of our teachers, coaches and activity supervisors are dedicated to encouraging, inspiring and helping students to “meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two…just the same.”[1]

In the senior school, the general well-being of students is overseen by the year heads, each responsible for looking after a grade level.  The year heads are assisted by homeroom teachers, who are each responsible for 15-20 students within a grade.  Other pastoral care is provided by the counselling department, the principal and the deputy principal.

In elementary school, teachers work in conjunction with the Student Support Team to provide extra support for students experiencing difficulties in the classroom. Sometimes, it is necessary to recommend diagnostic testing from outside specialists such as Educational Psychologists or Occupational Therapists. Parents are expected to comply with school requests for additional testing and to meet the costs of outside professionals used for diagnostic purposes.

Additionally, we have specialists in both schools who offer more focussed support in learning support (LS), english as an additional language (EAL), medical matters, as well as library and research skills.



[1] “If” by Rudyard Kipling