Meet Marit

Meet Marit

Meet Marit

Real solutions to real problems

In her design course at ISD, Marit was challenged to identify a real-world problem and design a solution. She didn’t need to look any further than her own refrigerator for an idea.

Marit lives with allergies and must take medicine at regular intervals. The medicine requires refrigeration, and during a busy day, with the medicine stored away in a refrigerator, it’s easy to forget a dose. Marit’s idea? Design a dispenser that stores allergy medicine and, using an Arduino controller, reminds the patient to use it.

Following the design cycle, and drawing on interdisciplinary skills she gained throughout her time in the MYP, Marit executed a complete design project to bring her idea to life. “I created a design portfolio,” she explains. “This means describing why the product is necessary, creating design specifications, and making a plan. And then building a prototype.”

Like all designers, Marit discovered that the process wasn’t linear, but required constant reflection and readjustment. She made her first dispenser prototype on the wood laser cutter, but soon discovered that her design was more appropriate for the 3D printer. Later, programming the controller took her into unfamiliar and challenging territory. “Design is a positive but challenging environment,” she says. “Learning is fun, but frustrating at time because when things are hard, noone is just going to tell you the answer.”

For Marit though, the challenges of design are enticing. She will be one of the first students to take the newly added design course in the IB Diploma Programme at ISD, and she is considering a career in design. “Not necessarily this kind of product design,” she says. “Maybe fashion design or interior design, but I think the skills are a lot the same.”