Meet Laura

Meet Laura

Meet Laura

Finding just the right combination at ISD

When Laura’s family moved from Colombia to Brazil for their first expat experience, she was nervous in the beginning. “It was very tough,” she says. “I really didn’t want to do it, but Brazil helped me see that there was a world out there, not only Colombia. Going to an international school helped me understand that I could do things abroad, and there I started getting excited about other countries and other places.”

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So, a few years later, when a job opportunity arose for her mom in Germany, Laura enthusiastically led the search for her next international school. She knew she wanted a school that offered the IB Diploma Programme, and already knew two classes she wanted to take: Psychology and Music.

“Music is my passion, my hobby, it’s what I do to be calm,” she says, “and Psychology is what I want to pursue in the future.”

Laura found this combination of courses offered
at only one international school within commuting distance of her mom’s job, and that was ISD. While she says that this alone may have been enough to convince her to choose ISD, she was also happy to discover small classes, caring teachers, and music programs and facilities she calls, “just amazing.” Her decision became easy.

After arriving at ISD, Laura’s enthusiasm for exploring the world continued to grow. As she attended the many university presentations offered on campus, she grew interested in remaining in Germany for university. This presented a challenge to her well-thought-out course plan. To be a strong candidate in Germany, she would need different DP language courses than she had originally chosen.

At first, she feared this could be an insurmountable obstacle. The school year had already begun, and ISD didn’t offer the native-level Spanish DP course that fit her fluency. But, she found immediate support from her DP Coordinator and university counsellor.

“As soon as they realized I had a problem that could hinder my university goals,” she says, “they jumped right in to help.” After evaluating a number of alternative solutions, Laura’s schedule was soon modified to include Spanish Literature A as a self-taught course, ensuring that her programme was still the right combination for her, and that her possibilities after graduation remained wide open.

Here is her program:

Biology HL | Psychology HL |
English Literature A HL | Math SL | Music SL | Spanish Literature A – self taught SL