Unsere Autorin für Jugendliche

Unsere Autorin für Jugendliche

ISD is fortunate to have a dedicated team of university and college-educated, credentialled and professional international teachers from over 24 different countries. In addition to ensuring that each student is supported to pursue their interests and passions, many of our teachers use their expertise beyond the classroom.

Of our nearly 150 full- and part-time faculty, we have 16 IB subject examiners; two IB team leaders responsible for managing examiners around the world; one IB exam author; three IB curriculum review members; two IB workshop leaders who facilitate professional development for schools just implementing the IB; and one faculty member on the IB standardisation team, which is responsible for ensuring that IB assessments are consistent when given in another language.

In addition to the support our faculty provide to the IB Diploma Programme, we have experts in the German Abitur system and native German language programme. As Didaktische Leiterin, Andrea Wagner is responsible for ISD’s Mittlere Reife and, as German University Counsellor, supports our students in need of an IB Abitur equivalent for direct access to German university. Frau Wagner also teaches German to students learning the language and engages them in many thoughtful and creative ways.

When she is not teaching, Frau Wagner is a prolific author. Her books are designed to help enforce German language skills from A1 through B1 levels. When writing her books, Frau Wagner incorporates learning about German culture and the geography of the country. Her books become an adventure of sight, taste and sound as she captures the essence of Germany in her short stories.

Frau Wagner’s ten books, published by Klett, include a short quiz at the end as well as a QR code for the reader to download an audio version to further the learning process.

If you are interested in reading any of Frau Wagner’s books, they are available at the McWilliam library in the Senior School. And if you are lucky, you will have a chance to chat with the author herself.