Transforming reality: ISD meets Roberto Fassone

Transforming reality: ISD meets Roberto Fassone

On Thursday 29 November, ISD’s Visual Arts department welcomed the visiting artist Roberto Fassone.

Roberto conducted a full day workshop on creativity with the 11th grade Diploma Visual Art students. In this workshop he challenged students to engage with creative process through a series of game and rule based projects. Students utilized Roberto’s project “sibi” a customized software that he designed that acts as a random generator of criteria for making art works through the combination of medium, about-ness and title. Students received these instructions in small groups and had to collaborate in interpreting and creating a new work in a limited amount of time. It was a wonderful and enriching experience.

In the evening the ISD speaker series presented an artist talk by Roberto in which he focused on his ongoing research into creative processes and structures. In the talk he explored the ways in which we can play with and transform reality, using reframing strategies and changes of perspective. For those in attendance it was a valuable exercise in applying creativity to everyday life.