Sharing Numicon at ISD

Sharing Numicon at ISD

At the ISD Elementary School, David Lyttle – ES Support for Learning, Maths Instructional Coach – has helped to create a mathematics program that helps our students understand the building blocks of the world around us. The ES maths program focuses on concepts over skills and uses the PYP approach of guided inquiry combined with Numicon and Singapore Maths to help students develop a solid mathematical foundation.

Recently, David, a certified Numicon Accredited Consultant, was hosting a full day Numicon Professional Development Workshop at ISD in which Andrea (Andy) Fowler, Maths Resource Teacher for the elementary school at Berlin International School, was a participant. After the Numicon course, Andy implemented some of the Numicon ideas at her school and decided to visit ISD again once more. In mid-January, Andy spent two days at ISD working with and shadowing David, with the objective of seeing the maths program at ISD in an authentic context and to connect the dots from theory to practical implementation. 

Andy’s visit included observing classroom maths sessions, taking part in Numicon teacher training, touring the school’s flexible learning spaces, understanding the transition from PYP to MYP at ISD, and talking with faculty and students about ISD’s maths program.

Overall, Andy was impressed by the consistency and focus throughout ISD, the professionalism of the faculty, and the confidence of the students. She believes there is a great deal of work that happens in the school that isn’t seen by the casual observer – ongoing teacher training being the primary activity. Andy also appreciated how the flexible learning spaces informed and allowed for Numicon instruction, and the Numicon work transitioned flawlessly into using Singapore maths, creating a seamless structure for maths instruction. A key component to all of this working together is the strong collaboration that exists between ISD’s teachers.

ISD was happy to share our school with Andy. And, we are happy to know that we have left her with an impression of the mutual respect that exists between the faculty, staff, and students. We look forward to seeing Andy at other international school events and welcome visitors to learn more about our innovative maths program at ISD.