ISD helps nearly 500 Peacevillage children stay warm over the winter

ISD helps nearly 500 Peacevillage children stay warm over the winter

For the past 5 years, ISD students have been volunteering at Peacevillage/Friedensdorf International in nearby Oberhausen. Since the Vietnam era, Peacevillage has been a rehabilitation centre for severely ill and injured children from impoverished countries torn apart by war and conflict. Without help from Peacevillage, many of these children would not survive because medical facilities are not available or affordable in their home countries. Coming from countries including Afghanistan, the Sudan and Syria, approximately 500 children each year are sent to hospitals across Germany for treatment and surgeries. After their treatment, they make Peacevillage their home during physiotherapy and convalescence. Each year, ISD student volunteers lead educational and recreational activities for children while they are there. In addition, they collect food and clothing donations to make the Peacevillage experience as pleasant as possible for the children who are there. Amazingly, the hospitalisation and rehabilitation are funded almost entirely by donations.

This year, the ISD community has helped the ISD Peacevillage volunteers collect more clothing for the children than ever before. The ISD donations will help nearly 500 children stay warm in the cold German winter!

Vielen vielen Dank ISD families, your generosity is much appreciated!