Goodbye for now: ISD says adieu to long-time community member

Goodbye for now: ISD says adieu to long-time community member

With 26 years of experience in the British Royal Air Force, facing conflict in Northern Ireland during the 70s, the Gulf War, and the war in Yugoslavia, one of Nick Ligertwood’s most stressful battlegrounds has been the ISD car park. 

“It was worse than going to war,” says ISD’s much-loved security officer, “but now I’ve got them trained.”

With that victory firmly in hand, Nick is ready to say goodbye to ISD after 18 years.  

After leaving the Air Force, Nick was employed locally in Germany, until an opportunity opened with a security firm after the September 11 terrorist attacks. At that time, the school was under police surveillance round the clock, and a private security firm was enlisted to take over. Nick had already been working with this particular firm for around three months and was subsequently approached by ISD’s Director with a job offer. The rest is history. 

“Coming from the military, I never thought I would come back to school. It was a bit of a culture shock, coming back to civil life,” Nick explains. 

Nevertheless, he quickly felt a part of ISD’s unique community. Everyone Nick met, he says, made it worthwhile.  

“Every day is different, and the students are fantastic.” 

When it comes to making plans for his retirement, Nick jokes that he doesn’t have much of a say…

“My wife has got plans for me, so I’m not a free man!” 

Thank you, Nick, for your service to ISD. You will be missed.