Exploring what’s next for our students

Exploring what’s next for our students

I am interested in many things. How shall I decide what to study after the IB?”

“Shall I study at all?”

“Can I change my career path and when?”

“Do I have to commit to a subject for the rest of my life?”

These questions and concerns are not uncommon to hear from students who are entering the IB diploma programme. Many students feel pressure when having to decide what is next in their journey once their time at ISD finishes.

During the first half of the current term, the school offered a career seminar series to help answer some of those questions. The series was designed for grade 9-12 students, who are now in their decision-making process.

During late start mornings, parents from the ISD community with a background in science gave seminars explaining their personal career paths and how they arrived at their current careers.  

As part of their presentations, they explained how they made important (and not so important) career decisions and how their jobs have evolved as a result of planned and unplanned changes. They outlined what helped them to decide whether to pursue one path over another.   

Organised by an ISD parent-scientist, Britta Lindner-Stuart, the presentations included scientists who studied pharmacology, physiology, molecular biology, physics and environmental chemistry who all started out with a basic passion for science. It became quite clear to students that none of the speakers had a straight journey from their studies in university to where they are today – university researchers, entrepreneurs, financial investors, corporate strategists.

Hopefully, this seminar series showed students that life is not always a predictable, straight-line journey – there are endless possibilities of ways to use our talents.

The important message that all speakers passed on was: follow your passion and the rest will fall into place.