Building a bungalow in Laos

Building a bungalow in Laos

Creating an eco-tourism opportunity for a village in Laos

ISD has been participating with the world-focused community project World Volunteer (Laos) for six years. The project itself was established in 2011 and with the help of volunteers, there have been countless hours spent working hand-in-hand on sustainable community development projects in Southeast Asia.

Throughout the six-year partnership, volunteers from ISD have travelled to Laos with the goal of building a clay bungalow, by hand, for eco-tourism in the village near Luang Prabang, Laos. ISD’s World Volunteer Laos team is happy to report that the bungalow is now finished and is ready for soft opening. The bungalow will help bring in a stable income to the village residents and help promote their country through eco-tourism. A link to the eco-bungalow on airbnb is here. It looks beautiful and comfortable and it’s wonderful to know that ISD students helped make the bungalow a reality for the village.

What’s next?

In the upcoming school year (2019-2020) ISD students will begin working on a new World Volunteer (Laos) project. They will further support the region by helping to build a dormitory for children who live far from their school and typically walk hours to attend classes, the only option for them to get an education. By building a safe, clay building for them to stay, the students can better access their school every day and also stay safe and secure.

We are looking forward to learn more about what the ISD World Volunteer experience will accomplish in the next year. It is wonderful to recognise the impact our students have in the world around them. If you’d like to learn more, this video will give you a sense of the experience that our students have while in Laos.