When students enrol at ISD, their families are also welcomed into our diverse global community. Just as learning to be a world citizen does not end in the classroom for our students, the ISD experience does not end at the school gate for their parents.From cultural events and volunteer opportunities, to fitness classes, sports, and conversation groups, ISD truly is a hub of community life. Many activities are supported through our Parent Volunteer Centre, Community Fitness Programme, and the ISD Music Department, while others are planned and coordinated by members of our community. The list of available activities is ever-changing, but the spirit of an engaged community has been a constant throughout ISD's long history.

For our families, the ISD community is a home-away-from-home, where members may share and celebrate their own heritage, while exploring other cultures and making lifelong friends. We invite you to learn more about the opportunities our international community offers for your entire family.


Back to school night

Back-to-school nights are an opportunity for parents and guardians to meet their child's year head, teachers, and counsellors, and learn more about the academic year ahead.

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Tours of Düsseldorf and Kaiserswerth

Our ever-popular walking tours of Düsseldorf are a fun way to get to know your new hometown, and make new friends within the ISD community. Led by a highly informative and entertaining guide, the 2-hour tours take place in September of each year.  

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Welcome Back Picnic

Our annual Welcome Back Picnic takes place a few weeks into each new school year, bringing the community together after the long summer break...

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Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee's role is to ease the transition into ISD for families, with a particular emphasis on parents. We do this by sharing our knowledge of ISD and Düsseldorf. We are friendly, open, empathetic, supportive, and knowledgeable. 

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Community music programme

ISD welcomes enthusiastic musicians to join in the fun of the music programme through its community groups, which are open to ISD parents, faculty and staff, as well as advanced students. Each of the groups – ISD Singers, ISD Jazz, and the ISD Community Band – gives its members the opportunity to make music in a welcoming environment and to perform at school concerts and events. 

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Community sports

Based on the strength of our robust sports and activities programme, we are also able to invite ISD parents, faculty, and staff to pursue passions and try new things. Our community sports programme offers fun, fitness, and friendship.  Join us weekly for adult ballet, soccer, rugby, beach volleyball, fitness, yoga, Zumba, and more. All classes take place on the ISD campuses or ISD Fields, ad new activities are added regularly.

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English and German classes

Private classes, taken by qualified English and German tutors, are available to those learning English as a foreign language. ISD is committed to giving new parents opportunities to develop their English. The cost is affordable and times of classes is dependent on your level of proficiency. These classes are for parents of ISD students only.

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English conversation

A fun, friendly, and sociable group, where non-native speakers have the opportunity to practice and improve their spoken English with native-English speaking volunteers. 

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German conversation

Our weekly German conversation classes offer the perfect opportunity to practice your recently developed language skills with a native German speaker in a relaxed and supportive environment.

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Our parent volunteers enjoy many rewards from being an active part of the ISD community: new skills, a more international perspective, a sense of community, and a host of friendships that continue long after their time at ISD is over.

Lions Club

The ISD Lions Club is the parent volunteer organisation dedicated to supporting the ISD Lions sports programme through fundraising and community projects...

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Wonderful Wednesdays

The Wonderful Wednesdays team prepare delicious, healthy treats for our kids in the Elementary School. There is always plenty of joy as our terrific volunteers serve platters of fruit and vegetables and take part in games with the children. 

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Friends of the Arts

Supporting our performing arts programme, this talented team of volunteers works behind the scenes before and during performances. Whether it's building spectacular sets, sewing fantastic costumes, making weird and wonderful props, or creating funky hairstyles and stage makeup, our Friends of the Arts use their diverse skills and expertise to provide students with an authentic and memorable theatre experience. If you enjoy being part of a creative environment, this is definitely for you!

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Books for Tanzania

ISD students have worked with schools in Tanzania for over 21 years. A group of parents holds book sales to raise funds for this cause. The book sales are typically once every few weeks at the International Market (held in the school commons room). If you have a love of literature and would like to support this wonderful initiative, there is a very friendly group of people waiting to hear from you!

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Library volunteers

Our parent volunteers do great work behind the scenes in our libraries. They ensure our extensive resources are maintained for the benefit of students, staff, and families. 

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Grade level representatives

We have a number of volunteers who organise social events for other parents in their 'cohort'. This is a great way for families to connect, share advice, and support their children's social and academic wellbeing. 

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Elementary School festivals

Festivals gives our parents an opportunity to share their favourite national foods, customs, and cultural traditions with the Elementary School children.

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Refugee coordination

The refugee coordination initiative was created with the aim to build a long-term and sustainable approach to supporting refugees in our local area. We work alongside local authorities and help recruit volunteers for a variety of programmes, ensuring that our new neighbours can become happy, self-sufficient, and contributing members of the community.

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Parent Consultative Group

The Parent Consultative Group (PCG) is an elected body of parents, whose role is to share parent feedback and ideas with the leadership team, and to generally enhance communication and connection between parents and the school. The group also consults with the school when requested, providing a trusted and representative parent point of view on specific topics.

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ISD Annual Fund

The ISD Annual Fund offers an opportunity for our school community to come together and give the gift of financial support. ISD Annual Fund events are planned and run by volunteers, with the support and guidance of the fundraising office. It is a whole-community effort, and we are always open to new ideas and new volunteers. 

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Lions with Neurodiversity

Lions with Neurodiversity is an ISD community group for those interested in exploring neurodiverse conditions. The majority of the group is made up of parents supporting their own neuro-diverse child, but is open to anyone. The group shares resources, engages with guest speakers, and members discuss successes and challenges facing their child and family.

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Tuesday Morning Club

​Share information, network, and discover different facets of the school... all over a welcoming cup of coffee. This is the regular weekly get-together, organised by ISD parents for ISD parents.

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ISD Business Community Network

The ISD Business Community Network provides opportunities to establish and enhance business and personal relationships. The network empowers through broadening and deepening skills, while creating a strong sense of belonging for working parents in our community.

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Throughout the school year, the ISD community enjoys a variety of events, most of which have been part of the ISD heritage for many years. They are planned and produced by students, staff, and many parent volunteers, and they all reflect the rich diversity and multiculturalism of the ISD community.

The ISD International Fest

The International FEST is our largest community gathering, and has been an important ISD tradition since 1980. The Elementary School campus is converted into a tented village with over twenty countries sharing their culture, gastronomy, tourism attractions, and plenty of fun activities. There is a full programme including stage performances, children's activities, and an international flag parade featuring over 100 students. The Fest is eagerly anticipated by students, staff, parents, alumni, and neighbors from the surrounding community. Nearly 2000 visitors come to ISD to celebrate the rich diversity of cultures from which we come, while enjoying a uniquely international melting pot of flavours, sights and sounds.

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Welcome Back Picnic

Our annual Welcome Back Picnic takes place a few weeks into each new school year, bringing the community together after the long summer break...

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World Citizenship Night

This event benefits the many service projects supported by ISD students, and is widely referred to as our “variety show of the year”. Students, faculty, and staff sing, play instruments, dance, and share their diverse talents, while guests enjoy foods from around the world and gain awareness of the important projects ISD students are supporting.

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Community quote 3

We really enjoyed the family atmosphere of the school and the positive learning that allowed kids to grow up being happy.

Mar (Spain)
ISD parent

Community quote 2

Our time at ISD has given us lifelong friendship with people from all over the globe.  People that we wouldn't have otherwise come in contact with are now part of our extended family because of the bond we formed while at ISD together.

Stacie (USA)
ISD parent

Community quote 1

As a family we got involved in everything! ISD is very inclusive and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved if you want to.
Jo (UK)
ISD parent

Louise Mather quote (circle)

You may be forgiven for thinking that there is a large number of ‘mature students’ on the ISD campus - such is the outreach of our parent volunteers. We are quite simply part of the ISD way of doing things!
Louise Mather
Parent Engagement Coordinator