The Middle Years Programme (MYP) at ISD, which includes all students from grades 6 to 10, is a challenging curricular framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world.


IN OUR MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAMME, all students take eight core subjects, as well as life skills classes and interdisciplinary electives in grades 6 to 8. In addition to the eight subject groups, in grade 10, students complete a Personal Project on a topic of their choice, with teacher supervision. The Personal Project is the culminating assessment in the MYP and is a great opportunity for students to learn about a topic of their choice while demonstrating their ability to manage a long-term project. In 2020, students have chosen to explore diverse topics that include sustainable fashion, biomechanics in sport, social activism, product design, and photographic journalism.


WE ALSO HAVE A STRONG SERVICE PROGRAMME in the MYP known as Service as Action or SasA, and a wide range of student-driven service projects. We encourage student involvement at all levels of the school and support the student council motto "No decisions about us without us."


OUR MYP BUILDS ON THE STRONG INQUIRY SKILLS students bring from our Primary Years Programme and helps develop subject knowledge and skills as well as students' approaches to learning (AtL) skills to prepare them for our Diploma Programme and life beyond ISD. We are focusing specifically on affective skills to help students manage their learning and their lives.


WITH A FIVE-YEAR PROGRAMME and over 440 students aged 11 to 16, the MYP trains students to become good scholars and good people. Our teachers work in a variety of departmental teams, some co-teaching departmental teams and some cross-department teams. Our focus is on student learning and giving students feedback that moves their learning forward. 




Laura Maly-Schmidt quote (circle)

In the Middle Years Programme at ISD, we aim to develop great scholars and compassionate citizens. We want our students to be enthusiastic life-long learners who are prepared for and eager to face the challenges of an evolving world.
Laura Maly-Schmidt
Deputy Principal & MYP Coordinator






Middle Years (Grades 6-10)