Skills and tools

In addition to undertaking the IB diploma, senior students at ISD have the opportunity to gain other qualifications.




In grades 11 and 12, ISD students may also choose the additional challenge of completing IB Certificates/Courses (similar to the U.S. AP system) or the IB Diploma.




Our accreditation with the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges enables us to offer a globally-recognised four-year U.S. High School Diploma. This qualification grants ISD graduates access to higher education programs in Canada, the United States, as well as many other countries, particularly when accompanied by an SAT or ACT score. All students enrolled in grades 9-12 are automatically following the pathway to earn the ISD High School Diploma. 




In addition to the IB Diploma, students may also obtain the German degree of “Abitur” which is needed for admission to German universities. For this, students must follow very specific guidelines when choosing their DP courses that will enable their IB Diploma to be recognised as an equivalent to the Abitur. Our university counsellors have in-depth knowledge of the IB programme as well as the requirements of the German education system and are happy to provide individualised support to anyone interested in this option.




Students whose German language level is at or close to native level are offered the opportunity to obtain the German grade 10 diploma “Mittlere Reife” or “Fachoberschulreife”.
This is unique to the German education system and recognised by the relevant authorities. 

Some of the advantages connected to this diploma are that it can be used as a fulfilled requirement to start certain apprenticeships in Germany and that it represents an authentic test situation comparable to that of the IB exams after grade 12. It can also be used to transfer to a local German secondary school.