The Leadership Team at ISD consists of the nine members of senior management. The team meets regularly to provide direction for the day-to-day operation and the continued development of ISD, and to ensure that learning is at the centre of long-term strategic and operational planning.

1 ISD Leadership Tschan photo

Mr Frank Tschan
ISD Director

ISD Leadership Barratt photo

Mr Stephen Barratt
Elementary School Principal

ISD Leadership Campbell photo

Mr Colin Campbell
Senior School Principal

ISD Leadership Caston photo

Mrs Beatrice Caston
Director of Admissions & External Relations

ISD Leadership Geuecke photo

Mr Wolfgang Geuecke
Facilities Manager

ISD Leadership Grant photo

Mr Gil Grant
Director of Sports & Activities

ISD Leadership Harth photo

Ms Sibylle Harth
Director of Teaching & Learning

ISD Leadership Pucklitzsch photo

Mr Matthias Pucklitzsch
Director of Finance & Administration

ISD Leadership Willis photo

Ms Marie Willis
Human Resources Manager




The ISD Board of Trustees consists of seven elected and three standing ex-officio members. The elected members are parents and members of the school association. The three ex-officio members are the director of the school, and representatives from the Consuls General of Japan and the USA. 

ISD Board Hennenberg


German-born Erwin attended university in Siegen (Germany), Boston (USA), and Barcelona (Spain). He and his Irish wife moved to Düsseldorf in 2010 and they have one daughter at ISD. While trained as an electrical engineer, Erwin has been working in the finance industry for the past 20 years, and currently jointly runs a small Düsseldorf-based regulated financial investment firm with branches in London and Madrid. To the ISD Board of Trustees he brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of operations, compliance, and risk. Erwin joined the ISD Board of Trustees in May 2022.

ISD Board Herrem

Board Chair

Lars has been a member of the ISD community since 2014 and his three children have experienced ISD from Reception all the way through to grade 12. Before completing his BA in Business and MA in Marketing in the UK, he spent nearly three years as an elected MP in his native Norway, serving on both education and health committees. Today Lars is a co-owner of an international Executive Search & Recruitment Firm where he focuses on leading strategic client development and restructuring alongside leadership advisory. Lars joined the ISD Board of Trustees in May 2022 and currently serves as Chair. 

ISD Board Koch


Michael is German and, together with his Belgian wife and their Swedish-born son, moved to the Düsseldorf area in 2019. Michael has over 30 years' executive experience, most recently in the lotteries industry, where he currently serves as Managing Director EMEA Strategic Accounts for a US-based company. He engages with very large, highly regulated customers from government relations, business development, sales, public tendering, implementation and operations. Michael has been a member of the ISD Board of Trustees since May 2021, focusing on ISD’s fundraising efforts.

ISD Board Mummert


Conrad returned to Germany in 2021 after ten years living and working abroad. He and his wife have three children, two of whom are in the Elementary School at ISD. With a Master's degree in Economics and Business Administration, the past 15 years have seen Conrad working as Managing Director at one of the world's largest energy companies in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and the UAE. An active parent volunteer during his paternity leave, Conrad takes great joy in seeing his children prosper at ISD. Through his work on the Board of Trustees he wants to contribute to keeping ISD the great learning community it has become over many generations amidst ever new challenges and opportunities.

ISD Board Pasquali


Originally from Brazil, Patricia moved to Dusseldorf with her family in 2018. She has two children at ISD, one in elementary and the other in the senior school. This is her second international assignment, the first being in the UK. She has a degree in Statistics, an MBA, and a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. With more than 20 years’ experience working in multiple multinational companies, she has held several senior leadership positions including as a managing director of a startup company reporting to headquarters in the USA. Patricia is passionate about AI and education and believes that practical experience combined with academic knowledge leads to the highest performance. She was elected to the Board in May 2023.

ISD Board Zalbertus


A native Düsseldorfer, Berit also lived for several years in the USA. Following a successful career in global textile trading, she recently returned to her media roots, joining a consulting company founded by her journalist husband. Berit was a founding member and the first chair of Elternschaft Düsseldorfer Schulen; during her term as chair she was in close dialogue with local politicians, the school administration office (Schulverwaltungsamt), and the district government (Bezirksregierung). She is currently engaged with the women’s union (Frauen Union) in the education and digitisation working groups, which has further expanded her political network. Berit has served on the ISD Board of Trustees since May 2019. Her daughter graduated in June 2023.

ISD Board Zavagno


Originally from Italy, Mara and her family moved to Dusseldorf in 2014. She holds a Bachelor's degree in political Science, a Master’s degree in Business Coaching, and has undergone leadership training at Harvard Business School. In 2021 she gained certification in Board Governance. She is currently Vice President Talent, Engagement, Rewards, and Chief Diversity Officer for a world leading company in the machinery sector. Mara has more than 25 years' experience working in human resources for multinational companies, leading strategic HR projects in change management, talent management, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability. She has also been a keynote speaker in several international forums. Mara has been on the Board of Trustees since May 2019. Her eldest child is a recent ISD graduate, and she has one child still at ISD.

x ISD Board Frank Tschan

Ex-oficio Board Member, ISD Director

Frank has long been associated with ISD in a number of teaching, coaching and leadership roles. In December of 2019 he was chosen by the Board as ISD’s Acting Director, and was subsequently appointed Director six months later. Frank holds a Master of Science in Education from Cortland State University in New York. Frank describes himself as a “servant leader who aims to embody the spirit of the lifelong learner”. Former Board Chair Andreas Collor, commenting on Frank’s selection from a highly competitive field of candidates and noting his accomplishments in the role of Acting Director, sees Frank as “passionately committed to guiding ISD to a sustainable and exciting future, a trusted leader held in high regard by the ISD community”. Commenting further in the ISD community announcement, Frank “has demonstrated the skills and talent needed to navigate ISD through transition and beyond”.

x ISD Board US Consul

Mr Chapman (Chap) Godbey
Ex-oficio Board Member, US Consulate General

Chapman (Chap) Godbey is Second Secretary at the U.S. Consulate General in Düsseldorf. Prior to joining the US Foreign Service, Mr. Godbey served as an electronics technician, reactor operator, submarine officer, and naval nuclear engineer in the US Navy. As a military diplomat, strategic planner, and attaché in the Navy, he served in several East Asian and Middle Eastern countries as well as at sea. He holds a BSc in mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Global Master of Arts in international business and international relations from the Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Mr. Godbey has, at one time or another, passed a language fluency test in French, Russian, Modern Standard Arabic, Japanese, and German. He has so far been able to evade having to do so for English.