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We believe language is essential to most human activities. It is the principal means, by which we experience, create and interpret the changing world in which we live. It is the way we think and communicate.

We believe that learning other languages is essential in a global world. It allows students to gain access to realities beyond their native language concepts and thus contributes to international understanding.

In our language courses, we aim to provide a programme that allows students to develop proficiency in the target language. In addition, our courses strive to offer a range of opportunities to become better acquainted with the culture, customs, history and geography of the countries where the language is spoken.

Course Expectations Grades 6-10

The aims and objectives for these grades follow the new MYP Language A subject guide and include the present aims and objectives of the Korean department which are compatible with the Korean Language 6-10 by the Korean Ministry of Education.

The Courses
In grades 6-10 the emphasis is on developing the four major language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in a challenging course of study appropriate for the respective level. Persuasive, informative, and expressive written and speaking forms are taught, and overall fluency in writing is stressed. Special emphasis is also placed on students developing confidence and fluency in public speaking. The reading and literature programme focuses on applying developmental reading strategies and the understanding of basic literary concepts. These concepts are applied to a variety of poems and short stories, as well as a variety of novels. We also deal with Chinese letters and Korean history, which are recommended by the Korean Ministry of Education.

Texts studied include works such as:

Grade 6
A Pine Tree (poem), The Presents of Understanding (novel),
Puberty (scenario), Anne’s Diary, The Star, Black Cat, Story of Soups

Grade 7
Literature Appreciation, A Flower Bud (poem),The Noise (short story)

Grade 8
Silkworm and Genius (essay), A Desk is a Desk (short story) At the Field (drama)

Grade 9
Her House (novel), 4 Poems, 3 miscellaneous, A Lucky Day (short story),
History of Korean modern literature, Yi Dynasty (a part of history)

Grade 10
Ku un mong (classic novel), Dancing with Mask (drama),
Our Twisted Hero (critical novel), Bombom (short story), Letters of Jung, classical and modern poems.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Korean A1 Standard & Higher Levels

This course is designed for Korean native speakers who have a profound knowledge of Korean spelling and grammar, display a broad range of vocabulary and the ability to express and develop their ideas in structured composition.

The studies on this level focus on the interpretation of novels, dramas and poetry according to the requirements of the International Baccalaureate.

In the first year of this course, works of World Literature, both prescribed and optional will be studied. The second year prepares the students for the IB examination at both, the standard and higher level.

The aims of the Language A program, both at the higher and standard level, are to:

  • develop the students’ powers of expression
  • provide them with an efficient tool for the study of other subjects
  • lead them to the appreciation of literature through the critical analysis of selected works
  • lead them through literature to the understanding of the study of Man in Society
  • bring them into contact with ways of thought which differ from their own

The performance skills the students will need for their IB examinations are provided throughout the course.

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